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Looking for a simple to use program for drawing and measuring windows?

  • create offer
  • draw windows
  • automatic calculation of prices
  • print offer, estimates, orders and invoices

Intuitive interface, lots of possibilities.

  • pricing of different windows producers
  • quickly create price lists using the "copy - paste"
  • define your own list of additives
  • compare prices and conversion offers by various price lists
  • Polish, English, German, Slovak and Swedish versions (expandable by adding other languages)
  • support convert any currency and price list for the specified course

Draw windows or get it from gallery of 60 drawings.

  • frame rectangular, arched, trapezoidal, triangular, round
  • constructing blinds
  • any color of frames, shutters and fills
  • automatic calculation of prices on the basis of window measurement

Windows drawn, prices calculated?
Time to print offer.

  • printouts with your own company logo
  • translate your offers to other languages with just one click
  • export printouts to PDF
  • look for archive offers which automaticly saved in history

Need printed in simplified form?

  • offer estimate in tabular form
  • list of all the windows and additions without pictures

Your offer is ready, the customer satisfied?
Time to order windows from the manufacturer.

  • order windows, only additives, or windows and additives at the same time
  • print without a price calculated on offer
  • any comment at any window or in the addition
  • print or save to PDF and send by e-mail

Customer data entered, windows and additives added to the offer.
Why to prescribe it all to your invoicing application? One click and thats all.

  • automatic generation of invoices on the basis of created of offers and additives
  • establish your own numbering format of invoices
  • preview archive invoices
  • export invoice to PDF

windoo is an application designed to operate showrooms involved in the sale of windows, doors and all kinds of accessories.
With the program, you can opt out of raster pricing and manually calculating the price of the window. You are free to configure pricing windows and any additives. The manufacturer may make its pricing to the program and distribute applications among its sales offices.
You can easily generate an offer for a client or order for the manufacturer. Prints can also be saved in PDF format and sent to the specified e-mail address.
You can customize the program according to the requirements of a particular manufacturer of windows.

Program features:
  • Creating offers containing windows and accessories
  • Creating multiple windows price lists
  • Conversion price of windows between different price lists
  • The ability to create any list of additives (such as window sills, door handles, door)
  • The ability to add a description to each window and accessories of the offer
  • The ability to make discount or overpay to every window or accesories.
  • Gallery of 60 windows drawings
  • The ability to edit drawings and create your own
  • Automatic calculation of the price of the window
  • An extensive database of customers (suppliers, dealers - the ability to add new groups)
  • Personalized access to the program (each user can have different permissions). Running the program is possible only after entering login and password. Setting is available only for the administrator (the ability to change the administrator password)
  • When you create an offer can be seen as both producer prices and rates calculated (with margin) - the producer price you can easily hide
  • Search offers and customers even with incomplete data
  • Generating printouts with your company data (including your own logo)
  • Printing an offer, cost estimate, contract and order to manufacturer
  • The ability of invoicing
  • The ability to create database backup
  • The ability to work in a single location (no need to install the server) as well as in the network (including the Internet)
  • The program is available in English, German, Polish, Slovak and Swedish versions. You can translate into other languages
  • Access to the program via internet and mobile devices

Video presentation of the application (double click to view full screen):

The program can work in several configurations:
1) Standalone version (no need to install a database server)
2) Network version
3) Version with module to access from internet and mobile devices

Schema application operation:

Sample windows drawn in the program:

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